Building Our Journey

SurfUp had the privilege of partnering with UCSD's Jacob's School of Engineering! Four awesome undergraduate interns took our concept through a transformational journey while completing their senior design course in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE).

Where it All Began
Initially, SurfUp tested the 'automated surfboard rental station' concept with a mere cardboard sign (pictured below) and immediately found customers who were excited to rent boards! Nic Maroun, Eric Edwards, Amber Chau and Jason Joshua of the MAE team showed ingenuity by presenting CAD drawings of various station models. After doing A/B testing and interviews to evaluate beachgoers' preferences, the team created a basic prototype. This PVC station (pictured below) had an open design where consumers can see the boards.  

SurfUp's proof of concept prototype, and PVC prototype

Away With the Plastic!
From there, the MAE team collaboratively designed and fabricated the station with a lightweight, sturdy aluminum frame that can withstand a beach environment. Each member showed initiative by creating novel locking mechanisms that would be used for the first version of the metal station.

MAE Team (left to right): Amber Chau, Jason Joshua, Eric Edwards, Nic Maroun,
and Chris Hissom (CEO, SurfUp)

Congrats to the MAE team for making such great progress in a short timespan! A special thank you to the Jacobs School for selecting SurfUp to be a part of this amazing program, and providing the resources needed to take our startup from concept to reality.

What’s on the Horizon?
Last time, we announced that SurfUp will be debuting the station at our first major event, Meet the Beach. Join us next time to hear about the experiences of some of the first excited customers to interact with the SurfPod, at an event that was attended by nearly 3,000 UCSD students!

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